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Red Curtain Repertoire

Our Red Curtain Repertoire showcases a method of unique dance theatre and performance, that dares to break away from the conventions of stereotypical expectations from a dance maker, specially one of South Asian descent. 

The drive to reinvent genres and break away from traditional processes of dance performance stems from

  • The varied experiences in the entertainment industry and the experiences gathered from the rich, multicultural underground jazz/cabaret and club/dance scenes of London.

  • The understanding for the need of a common dialogue between cultures and generations in today's world and the innate ability to spot similarities and celebrate contrasts between cultures and genres, resulting in a repertoire that is forever expansive and genre defying and has the potential to appeal to all.

  • Ash's varied work experiences prior to creating the company such as 
    • Being an original cast member of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams,
    • His training in classical ballet by ex Royal ballet dancers such as the late David Ashmole and Brenda Last and his subsequent work as ballet master at Indian Ballet Academy and work in various schools and orphanages all over India,
    •  his work as a choreographer and director to London Jazz and Cabaret legend Holly Penfield for venues such as The Savoy, Cafe Royale and Soho Theatre,
    • His subsequent work with Bollywood choreographers such as Saroj Khan and Farah Khan,
    • And last but not least his collaboration with his mentor, LaVelle Smith Junior, the legendary Emmy Award winning choreographer to Michael Jackson and Beyonce.