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Contemporary Repertoire

                                                                                                                         The MeetingPlace

world premiere: 9th February, the Place Theatre as part of Resolution! 2009

The Meeting Place is a new piece of dance and music theatre, about repression, namely British and Post Colonial repression still existing today in some schools of Bharata Natyam, the national dance of India and in the Indian psyche in general.  It is also inspired by the sculpture of the same name by artist Paul Day, that is situated in the recently refurbished St Pancras International Station.

The public fully vent their opinions, utilising the current phenomena of instant online criticism, some even saying that the sculpture is stereotypical of repressed British society.

 Bharata Natyam, the national dance of India is often perceived by many to be a dance form with a Victorian hangover as compared to its other classical counterparts. This is mainly due to its colonial influences.

These twin accusations of repression come face to face at The Meeting Place.

Concept and Choreography: Ash Mukherjee


There are no doubts about the ability of the exceptionally talented Ash Mukherjee, who presents a true fusion of classical Indian dance and western sensibility in his work The Meeting Place.”

Mina Vadon, The Place, Resolution! 2009 Review, 9th February, 2009

 * * * * *

Ash blows apart any notion that bharatanatyam is frigid or old-fashioned in his mixing of both the traditional Indian dance and western contemporary.  Mukherjee’s The Meeting Place is an aural and visual feast, and the place to be.”

Josephine Leask, The Place, Resolution! 2009 Review, 9th February, 2009

* * * * *

Aum and The Meeting Place

A f f l u e n z a

world premiere: 20th February, the Place Theatre as part of Resolution!

 Affluenza is loosely based on Oliver Jame’s book of the same name. Two temple dancers and two street dancers play the roles of The Banker, The Socialite, The Sex Addict and The Doctor and individually explore the disease of affluence, its classic symptoms being envy, greed and lust and come together to be healed.

 Featuring the music of the band Sacha Silva and live percussion from Oded Kafri and The Drum Machine Project, the piece unites Balinese dancer Ni Made Pujawati with the BBC 3 Move Like Michael Jackson Dancers Tom Roche, Daniel ‘Didge’ Ovel and Ash Mukherjee

Concept: Ash Mukherjee

Choreography: Ash Mukherjee with dancers.


“Opening in a suitably festive style was Move Like Michael Jackson star Ash Mukherjee, with his live music, dance and video extravaganza Affluenza.  Mukherjee combines street dance, break dance and Bharatanatyam to create an amusing choreographic comment on today's society. The artful and enthralling performers never lose the audience's attention or affection.”

Jennifer Teale, The Place Theatre, Resolution! 2010 Review 

* * * * *

“Ash Dance Theatre is Mukherjee’s current incarnation and, in Affluenza it represents a fusion of the culture of Indian Dance as a mortal expression of the Gods, with the contemporary culture of a man who embodied all these characteristics. Ash Mukherjee, who is fast becoming one of the most watchable and charismatic performers in the contemporary dance scene.”

Graham Watts,, 2010

* * * * *

Ash Dance Theatre Affluenza